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​寧森 [website]





         藝術家以 Siri 語音互動模式,表現自己與想像中過世的祖母之間的互動。「圓」有如英國未來科技寓言的影劇「黑鏡」,不僅細膩以科技展現、仲介人們與過世親人連繫之情感期盼,亦貼切地呈現「宗教」作為人們與心中神聖的、不可觸及之物相互聯繫的橋樑。寧森的作品一直擅長以科技互動與氛圍的營造探討關係、回憶、生死等議題。「圓」原本是一件VR錄像,藝術家為了展覽空間調性,改置成一件聲音錄像;Siri從一只放在台灣傳統紅色塑膠椅上的 iPhone 說話,藝術家聲音則從隔壁房間與之對話。雲端與天堂不僅是最直觀的比擬,更很可能是未來情感寄託的現實。

NING Sen [website]



Sound installation


"In a fictional reunion dinner where diners were absent, a dialogue between Siri and myself was resurrected, permeating different dimensions. I imagined She as the deceased her, talking about things it is too late to complete.”

"Reunion," a future technology fable similar to the British television series "Black Mirror," delicately delineates how, on the one hand, “religion”can serve as the ladder by which people endeavor to reach the sacred and the untouchable, and, on the other hand, new media technology can serve a similar function as a medium onto which people project their desire to reach the missing deceased. Ning Sen's works have always been good for discussing issues such as relationships, memory, life and death through interactive technology and atmosphere creation. “Reunion”used to be a VR video; the artist remade it as a sound installation in order to fit the exhibition room’s profile. An iPhone, where Siri voiced, was placed on a Taiwanese traditional-style red plastic chair, while the artist’s own voice came from a room nearby. Cloud computing and Heaven are probably the most intuitive comparison. Perhaps one day they will truly merge to become a reality, in which people not only entrust their memories and emotions, but also backup their whole living experience. 

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