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Curator & Researcher


Feng-yi Chu 朱峯誼 obtained his PhD in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Oxford, where his research focused on theories of identity, nationalism, social discourses, and political ideologies. He has worked as the program convener for the Taiwan Studies Program at St Anthony's College, University of Oxford, and as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica in Taiwan.

         Chu's curatorial practice explores the integration of mysticism in art across cultures and eras through curatorial endeavors spanning exhibitions, research, and podcasts. He has curated several noteworthy exhibitions, including a collateral exhibition for the 2020 Taiwan Biennial and the 2019 exhibition "Relocating Divinity: Being an Atheistic Theist," which was nominated for the Taishin Art Award. He also curated "Myth of Sanctification" in Kathmandu, Nepal in 2019, "Challenges in the Republic: The 6th Suwon International Photo Festival–Taiwan Exhibition" in Suwon City, South Korea in 2019, "Cross-Dimensions Transmission: The Synchronic Encounters between Art, Technology and Mysticism" at the Kaohsiung Main Public Library in 2020, "Dear Block Chen" at Solid Art in Taipei in 2021, the first international NFT physical contemporary art exhibition in Taiwan, and "Nostalgia Is a Waving Flag" at the Hong-gah Museum in 2022. His podcast project, "Cross-Dimension Broadcast," invites Taiwanese contemporary artists and mysticism practitioners to explore the applications and techniques of mysticism in contemporary art. 


Chu's page at TCAA Archive [link].




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