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"Cross-Dimensions Broadcast" is the new podcast curatorial project produced by Feng-Yi CHU. The program explores the intersection of mysticism and contemporary art creation in Taiwan. The program invites contemporary Taiwanese artists who incorporate mystical concepts and elements into their art, and then pairs them with corresponding mysticism practitioners or researchers in the following episode, in an attempt to discuss and compare their artistic methods and mystical techniques.





Production team:
Concept/Host: Feng-Yi CHU
Visual Design: Melmel CHEN, Jui-Lan YAO
Music: Lo-Fi 02 by Lily J(
Collaborators: Talking Drums Radio / TheCube Project Space


To order a copy of Relocating Divinity exhibition catalogue: <link>

Welcome all comments and questions relating to the program: <email>





EP1/Creating a New Ethical Relationship between Humans and Spirits: Interview with artist Ting-Yu LIANG.


EP2/All Things are Disturbances of Consciousness and Frequency: Interview with Psychical Researcher Wong Ling (Part 1).


EP3/I Have Created an Afterlife World for Myself: Interview with Psychical Researcher Wong Ling (Part 2).


EP4/Exploring the Depths of Human Consciousness and the Meaning of Existence: Interview with Artist Yin-Ju CHEN.

XD_05 (1400).jpg

EP5/Waiting in Harmony with Emotions: Interview with Astrologist Amber TANG.

XD_06 (1400).jpg

EP6/Belief Manufactures Narratives, Events, and Objects: Interview with Artist Shi-Chin WU.

XD_07 (1400).jpg

EP7/Bypassing Critical Consciousness and Tapping into Inner Resources: Interview with Hypnotherapist Sheng-Hua WANG.

XD_08 (1400).jpg

EP8/At that Moment We Connect: Interview with Artist Jia-Jhen SYU.

XD_09 (1400).jpg

EP9/Spiritual Communication is Nothing but Being Honest with Oneself, Being Emptiness, and Returning to the Origin of the Universe: Interview with Therapist Min-Jung LEE (Part 1).

XD_10 (1400).jpg

EP10/People Should Not Give Away Their Power: Interview with Therapist Min-Jung LEE (Part 2).

XD_11 (1400).jpg

EP11/The Modern Relationship between Humans and Animals is a Psychological Trauma, Forgetting is Our Defense Mechanism: Interview with Artist Po-Jin TSAI.

XD_12 (1400).jpg

EP12/Whispering to the Whole of Creation: Interview with Animal Whisperer Yan-Ti FENG.

XD_13 (1400).jpg

EP13/New Imaginations About Energy: Interview with Artist Xia LIN.

XD_14 (1400).jpg

EP14/On Spirit (Qi) in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Interview with Physician Cheng-Yu LIAO.

XD_15 (1400).jpg

EP15/Faith, Understanding, Practice and Realization in Art: Interview with Artist Jui-Chung YAO.


EP16/The last Episode: Interview with Master Jian-Hui.

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