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Curator & Researcher

Chu F (2022) "China’s Religious United Front and its Passive Resistance in Taiwan." East Asian Policy, 14(2), 22–37. [link]


Chu F (2021) "Chinese and Taiwanese Identities in Taiwan as Epistemic Challengers." International Journal of Taiwan Studies, 4(2), 265–288. [link]

Chu F (2021) "Gaia and the Tiryagyoni Domain: Review on 2020 Taipei Biennial and 2020 Taiwan Biennial" (paper presented in 2021 Taiwanese Sociological Association Annual Conference)


Chu F (2016) "Diverse Facets in Identities and Party Affiliations of Native Taiwanese Elders." Issues and Studies 52 (3). [link]

Chu F (2016) "Benevolent self vs. malignant other: The East-West antagonistic narrative of Taiwanese people’s Chinese identity." Berliner China-Hefte - Chinese History and Society, 47,37–55. [link]

Chu F (2016) Duelling Identities: Dimensions of Dual Identity in Contemporary Taiwan. DPhil thesis in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford. [link]

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