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Curator & Researcher

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Feng-yi Chu 朱峯誼 obtained his PhD in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford. His research interests focus on theories of identity, nationalism, social discourses and political ideologies. He worked as the programme convener for Taiwan Studies Programme at St Anthony’s College, University of Oxford, and as postdoctoral researcher in the Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica in Taiwan. He hence develops his curatorial style by applying sociological thinking. He was invited to be the curator for a collateral event of the 2020 Taiwan Biennial, and his exhibition of 2019, "Relocating Divinity: Being an Atheistic Theist," was nominated for Taishin Art Award of the season. His recent curatorial projects include "Myth of Sanctification" (Kathmandu, Nepal, 2019), "Challenges in the Republic: The 6th Suwon International Photo Festival|Taiwan Exhibition" (Suwon City, South Korea, 2019), “Relocating Divinity: Being an Atheistic Theist,” (Waley Art, Taipei, 2019), "Zoo of Inverted Forms: The Ultimate Other for Imagining Humanity" (Collateral Event of 2020 Taiwan Biennial), "Cross-Dimensions Transmission: The Synchronic Encounters between Art, Technology and Mysticism" (Kaohsiung Main Public Library, 2020), and "Dear Block Chen" (Solid Art, Taipei, 2021), the first international NFT physical contemporary art exhibition in Taiwan.

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